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Treasure hunt idaes for 7yrs+

Making a treasure hunt does require a little bit of preperation - don't let that put you off, it is one of the most wonderful ways to entertain any number of children from 1 - 100! It gives them a real sense of satisfaction when they have helped work a clue out and they will love the treasure all the more for having done it.

I usually work on have twice the number of clues as the age of the children playing but this may still be a few too many for some. Have a think as to what you want the treasure to be - whilest chocolates are bad for your teeth, they are the easiest of treasure to arrange (especially the chocolate coins)- other ideas include a variety of sparkly hair clips / bracelets for girls.

The more you put into the preperation, the more they will get out. Try to design the clues in keeping with a theme - if it is a fancy dress party then dress up the clues accordingly:

For example: if it is a pirates theme, write the clues with a slant tip pen - like they use for calligraphy. When it is dry get a used teabag and use it to stain the paper, then singe the edges with a match or lighter outside, roll them up and tie with a black ribbon.

If it is a gamour theme you could copy the clues onto come bright coloured paper and decorate with glitter, stars etc. You can still roll them up so they are in a scroll but use a bright coloured ribbon - they will have to be well hidden if they are brightly coloured.


The clues that I have started to think about, track down and upload are HARD, they will be better for the 10 year olds and they will still need help to solve them. It is important to remember that this is a game, and it is meant to be fun. If the children playing are not enjoying it then no one will have a good time. Help them and encourage them, and most importantly have fun!!

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