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From 3 years toddlers may be able to grasp the idea behind a treasure hunt but they will need lots of help

Initially, hide their teddy under their bedclothes / pillow.

Show them a picture of a bed, ask them where it is, and then go and find teddy together.

You can make the whole “game” last a bit longer by letting them find the clue, getting them to unwrap the clue, ask them what the picture is.

If it is a picture of their bed you can ask them how to say “bed” / spell “bed” / write “bed” depending on their age and their ability.


Once they have identified it you can ask them “where is their bed?” and go with them to find their bed.

Then suggest they look under the pillow / under the duvet / under the bed…wherever you have hidden their teddy.


To start with let them find the teddy / toy after just one “clue” then as they get a bit older or a bit better at it maybe make a chain of two clues so under the bed they find another clue – a picture of a book for example to guide them to the bookcase. By helping them you can be a bit inexact with the clues – which makes drawing the pictures easier!


Kids love repetition furthermore they get really, and I mean REALLY excited when they know the answer.

You can exploit this by using the same clues again and again – rather than get bored they will be even more excited.

For example if the teddy under the bed was a success, repeat it a few days later – wen they get excited because they know where Teddy is you can pretend to think for a bit and say well… is there a bed in the bathroom? There will be squeals of NOOOOO!!!!! Is there a bed in the kitchen? “NOOOOO

“Where is there a bed?….Where is Teddy?”



Suggestions for places to hide the toy with simple picture clues:

  • A bed – under the pillow / under the duvet / under the bed
  • A picture of a sofa / armchair – behind a cushion in on the sofa in the sitting room.
  • A bath – hide teddy in the bath
  • A television – prop teddy up on the floor facing the T.V. in the sitting room (you will have to have your toddler in the kitchen eating / playing to set this one up).
  • A picture of a plate setting – with knife and fork around it – Teddy can be sitting at the kitchen table at a place setting (a good one for just before lunch / tea time).
  • A picture of a banana & apple – Teddy can be sitting next to the fruit bowl
  • A picture of a computer – teddy can be sitting at a computer in the house
  • A picture of a flower – teddy can be in the garden next to a flower
  • A picture of a tricycle – Teddy can be riding the tricycle.
  • A picture of the family pet – teddy can be next to their basket / cage.


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