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Games for 6 - 10yrs Scavenger Hunt on the Move

This game takes a small amount of preperation.

Before you go on your journey - whether it is by car, train, plane or ship; have a think about some of the things you might see whilst out and about.

Then make a list of these things - for example if you are going to drive through the countryside but passing a few towns as well the list could include:

a blue car

a woman / girl on a horse

a brown and white cow (hairy cows in Scotland are a favourite in our house!)

a macdonalds / starbucks

a card shop

a person on a motorbike

the sea (if you are going past the seaside)

and famous landmarks along the roadside - stonehenge, the angel of the north, spaghetti junction.

Airports and train stations are a great source of ideas - especially the ones that are abroad.

There are many more. You should tailor the level of difficulty depending on the age of the children you have playing. Then hand out the list just before you jump in the car - each child gets a copy and a pencil to tick them off and off you go! The more times you play the more and more clues you will be able to think of to write down for next time or the journey home (a trick I tend to use is to use the voice memo recorder on my mobile to record things we pass on the way there to make a list for when we come home).

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