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Games for 6 - 10yrs Number Plate Poker

This is a form of poker but without cards or betting.

Your children will have to be aware of the poker hands. They then have to look out the window and use the numbers on number plates to form the best hand that they can and point them out. They have to use all the numbers from the number plates they use unless they need one or two numbers to finish the hand. This can also be played at airports with flight numbers or at train stations witht rain times - you may have to alter the rules slightly as you see fit.

The order of hands are as follows:

The highest number

one pair

two pairs

three of a kind (ie three digits exactly the same)

full house - this is 3 of one digit and 2 of another

four of a kind (ie four digits exactly the same)

a straight (a run of consecutive numbers)

You can have the letters J, Q, K & A standing for the picture cards: jack, queen, king and ace.

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