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Games for 6 - 10yrs Map Reading for Journeys

If you have a long journey to go on include your children in the planning - they love to be asked, it makes them feel really grown up!

Tell them where they are going and why and all the fun things to do when you get there. Then get a road map down, put a blob of blu-tac or pencil mark on where you are now and where you are going and see if they can help plan a route. If they want to go somewhere that you weren't planning on going - why not stop off anyway?

You can let them see if there is anywhere they like the sound of to stop for lunch or a park with a picnic area. Kids love being included and it will mean a lot of to them.

If they are a bit older and are able to be taught to map read try turning off your nav-man / tom-tom / Google maps…let your child be in charge of where to go. If you know the area it helps, don’t rush in to tell them the way you want to go, let them be in charge, even if you do get a bit lost and have to have an ice cream somewhere unexpected.


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