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Games for 6 - 10yrs How far away is it

This is a game for older kids to try to help them understand the concept of time and distance.

If you are driving along the motorway and you see something up ahead for example a bridge or a billboard, ask them how long they think it will take to drive there. If there are several children in the car let each one have a go at guessing but they have to do so quickly as there probaably won't be long until you drive past it.

As they get good at this you can try explaining that you are driving at 70 miles per hour, it took1 minute 30 s so how far away is it. (this will only be fun if they are older and enjoy maths!).

You can also get them to guess the distance to various points and time it on your odometre or as the driver, you say now then in a couple of minutes say stop and ask them to guess how far you have driven (you need to make sure that they can't see the odometre). After a little practise they will get quite good at it.


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