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Games for 3 - 5yrs Travel Bingo

Travel bingo for kids is a fantastic way to keep your little rascals quiet on long journeys. It is a game which is not only lots of fun at home but it is really easy to put in a hand bag if you have a train journey with kids or a plane to catch.

It does need a small amount of preperation - only about 20 mins or so which is a small price to pay for the amount of fun your kids will get out of it. If your child is 4 + or has an older sibbling they can help make the game, so even less work for you!

You will neeed:

  • Either some card / paper depending on the durability you would like (if you have paper you can laminate it if you have a home laminater - £12 on Amazon here)
  • Some colouring pencils / felt tip pens / coloured markers
  • scissors
  • some coloured card / felt material / an old pillow case to cut up into squares - what ever you would like to use for covering up the pictures.

First make the boards - as this is for children I use simple pictures - 9 on each board. See below for our ones but feel free to make up your own.

picture bingo for kidspicture bingo boardpicture bingo cardbingo for children

You then need to cut up either some coloured card / paper / material for the squares to cover them. I found some strange thin neoprene / rubber sheets in our local pound shop and they work really well. Paper is fine but it will last longer as a game if you use something that survives being eaten / spilt on etc. I also use a different colour for each player.


Finally, make the cards for yourself / whoever is calling out the pictures to draw. We have 12 symbols in all and have the following cards:

bingo picture cardpicture bingo cards

Off you go! Let each child choose a board - if you have one child then you can play this with them.

  • You put the symbol cards face down and shuffle them then put into a pile.
  • You can take it in turns to turn the top one over and whoever has that symbol covers it up ( you may need to supervise to prevent cheating).
  • Whoever covers all the symbols on their board first wins.

bingo for kids

You can make it more educational by asking your child about the symbol card you pick up: what is it? what colour is it? what noise does it make? etc....

Happy Bingo

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