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Games for 3 - 5yrs Bingo

This needs a little preperation before you leave - make some bingo cards - just rectangular pieces of paper with different digits on them. The numbers you have will depend on the age of your child - if they are little and only just getting used to numbers then just draw the digits 0-9 in different colours on a piece of card for them. If they are a little older you could try some easy two digit numbers - but not to many as children this age have a very low boredom threshold.

If you make the file on your computer (eg a word document) you can just print out more when needed.

When the game is due to start you hand out the cards and each player has to try to find the numbers on their card in their surroundings - if you are on a train then train times contain numbers as do platforms and carriages.

In an airport all the planes have different flight numbers which will be up in the departure lounge and of course on the road there are all the car number plates and motorway exits.

It is worth putting a bit of thought into the cards and thinking up some appropriate numbers for the type of journey you are going on - you could always have a few wild cards in there.

I usually make a list of all the numbers that I think will be appropriate then divide them up into the different cards so there are about 12-15 on each one. Then give each of your kids a pen and off they go.

If they are prone to cheating as each child has different numbers on their card you can get them to point the number out when they spot it. If they are quite young then do help them as they wil enjoy it much more if Mummy or Daddy is playing too.

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