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Games for 3 years Story Fun

This is another fun game that is a bit quieter than others so it is good to play after the children have been running around, maybe before or after food time to prevent vomiting.

You will need a pillowcase filled with random objects - toys, hair brush, wooden spoon, wig, funny hat, cucumber - absolutely anything at all.

You get all the children sitting around in a circle, you can have some grown-ups too and the object of the game is to tell a story.

Whoever starts (usually the birthday girl or boy) puts their hand into the pillowcase and pulls out a "prop". They start the story with a sentance containing that word or about the prop. The pillow case then gets passed around the circle to each child in turn who has to pull an item out and include it in the story. You can get them to do funny faces / voices as they tell the story or actions as well - it makes for a fun time.

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