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Games for 10 years Glamour Hoola Hoop Party

A Hoola Hooping Party is a great idea for the summer months - this is usually something the girls prefer to the boys but it does work well in a mixed sex party.

You will need to make a trip to a hardware store in order to get all the bits but it is well worth the effort and and it is much cheaper than paying for an entertainer, also each child has a memento of the party to take away with them!

You will need poly irrigation tubing (just ask - the people at the shop will know what it is) for children you need 100psi/3/4inch diametre tubing. 100 feet will make 8 hoops!

You will also need conectors for the tubing, a Ratcheting pvc cutter (or a strong stanley knife at home should do it). A hair dryer and some colourful electrical insulation tape.

The size of the hoop depends on the size of the child. It comes in a big coil, ideally when rested on the floor the hoop should come up to your waist. This will probably equate to about 8 foot in length.

It is advisable to cut the lengths of hoop before everyone arrives.

Once people are ready. you can get them to take it in turns to soften the ends of the tubing with a hair dryer, insert a connector so the length of tubing becomes a hoop. Then put some masking tape over the join.


Once that is done people can wrap around the electrical insulation tape round the hoop to decorate it. The website below goes has some pictures for ideas.

hoola hoops

All that is left to do is to get hooping!! It is a great way for kids to stay active!!


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