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Games for 10 years Flour Fun for 10 years

This is a fantastic game for a party! - If the children are wearing their best clothes make sure there are overalls / Dads' old shirts to wear over the top of their clothes as it can get really messy.

You need a pudding basin, lots of plain flour, a penny, a round ended knife, a small plate and a table where you can make lots of mess!

Put the penny in the bottom of the pudding basin in the centre, then pack the flour down firmly until the basin is filled to the brim with flour.

Put the plate on top of the pudding basin with the side you eat off facing the penny at the bottom. Keep pressure on the plate and push the pudding basin into it then up end it so you have the plate the correct side up and the pudding basin upside down on it. Put it down on the table, carefully lift off the basin and you will be left with a flour tower with the penny in the middle. Trust me, it really does work!

Then you take it in turns to cut a slice of flour away. You can let it collapse on the plate. The loser is the person who makes a cut and causes the penny to drop. The forfeit is that they have to pick it up with their teeth!

This game always ends in lots of giggles - if the table is clean just sweep up the flour and reuse it in the pudding basin when you need to re-build.


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