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Games for 6 years Guess the Leader

This is a fun game that works really well if played to music!

One child has to go outside the room (and is the detective) while the remaining children choose a leader.

The children then all sit / stand haphazardly in the room. The music starts playing.

The leader has to choose a movement / dance move that everybody copies.

The children can only change the dance move / action when the leader does and they have to copy him / her exactly!

The aim of the gameis for the detective to wor out which child is the leader!

The leader should only change movements when the detective has his / her back to them.

To make it a bit easier, if the detective knows that someone is not the leader he/she should be able to tap them on the shoulder so they can sit down.

There should be a time limit / understanding that the leader has to change movements fairley regularly or it is not fair on the detective!


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