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Games for 6 years Chopped off fingers!

This is one great way to keep a group of 5 year old occupied - and let them have a great trick to take home and show their parents!

you will need: a match box for each child, cotton wool, fake blood / red food colouring or paint some blue crayons, scissors, some colored paper / or white paper and paints/ glitter for decoration.

Cut a U shape hole in the bottom of a match box so you can put your finger in the tray and slide the lid back to reveal it.

see picture for how to cut out matchbox.

(It might be easier for an adult to do all the cutting of the match boxes.)

Then get the kids to decorate the outside of the match box - they can paint it / cover it in white paper and colour it in / stick stars on it.

Once this is done they need to put a little cotton wool in the box and lay their finger on the cotton wool. Put some red food colouring / paint around their finger to look like blood, they can use a dark blue crayon to make their finger look blue / mottled.

Then close the box with their finger inside and show it to their friends to amaze them! 


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