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Games for 7 years Killer wink

This is another fantastic game! The children have to sit in a circle on the carpet and you choose a detective.

The detective goes outside whilst you choose the murderer.

The murdered "kills" people by winking at them - when the murderer winks at you, you must play dead.

Once the murderer is chosen the detective comes back into the room and takes his/her place sitting on the floor. The Murderer starts "killing" - everyone looks at everyone else and when the murderer winks at you you have to die- it is more fun if the cildren die in as noisy way as possible! Don't worry if they don't realise the murderer is killing them or if the person next to the intended victim dies - itdoesn't really matter. The game continues until the detective can work out who the murderer is.

There is a variation for slightly older kids:

The murdered is instead given the role of assassin!

The game continues as before but the assassin has 3 different murder weapons at his/her disposal

Using three murder weapons in sequence, for example, a smile, a scratch of the head and rubbing of hands. For each of the murder weapons one of the group is assassinated. This makes it more challenging for the person guessing and also increases the concentration of the group as they have more signs to look out for.

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