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Games for 7 years 3-legged assault course for 7 year olds

By 6 years most kids are not only coordinated enough to enjoy a 3 -legged race but you can turn it into an assault course for added entertainment!

You will need some pieces of rope / rags / very long socks.

It is important to ensure that you don't use string or anything too fine which could cut into their ankles.

Then you get them to line up in pairs, they have to put their inside arms around each other and you tie the middle legs together.

They have to walk in step, outside legs together then the inside ones which are tied.

At first you can try a simple race - with running NOT allowed!!

Then once they have got the hang of that you could try a simple assault course with obsticles to go around / under etc...

For example:

Try to pick up a hoola hoop off the ground and put it over their heads and step through it.

A slalom section.

If there is plenty of soft grass, they could have to take it in turns to walk with one of them blinfolded.

you could use one some of the treasure hunt clues but make them do the treasure hunt 3-legged!

there are endless options - please send in other ideas if you have them!


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