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Games for 4 years Pirates Treasure Hunt!

Get a whole load of fun-size chocolates or mini packs of raisins. Wrap them up in tin foil; you can also get a load of chocolate coins. If you have girls coming around then you can also get some of the edible necklaces.

 Hide the sweeties around the sitting room or outside if it a lovely day.

Then get the kids to try and find as many as they can.

Remember when you are hiding them how tall they are so you don’t have many that are out of reach.

It is a good idea to have quite a few spare for the poor little child who can’t find any! 4-year olds are not known for their ability to share and having a few extra chocolates wrapped up will prevent tears!


If it is in the winter and getting dark early you can turn the lights off at dusk and give every child a torch (you would need to ask each child to come with one on the party invitation). They can then use the torches to try and find the treasure – this works well as the paper is shiny.

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