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Games for 4 years Pass the Parcel

You arrange in a room the same number of chairs as there are children.

An adult is in charge of the music. When the music is playing the children have to dance around.

When the music stops they have to race to the chairs and sit down.

After each go one of the chairs is removed.

This time there will be one child who does not have a chair to sit on they are out – but have another activity for them (eg clapping to the music, dancing in a different area, play-do to play with)

The game continues until there is only one chair remaining and the winner is the child who gets to sit on it.


N.B: it is worth having a few rules as to how far from the chairs they have to be dancing – there is no dancing hovering around the chairs or it is not fair!

Things can get surprisingly violent so do watch and remind them that it is fun!!

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