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Games for 5 years Stomping Balloons

This is a great way to burn off sugar induced hyperactivity, it works well if you have a contained space like a play room.

Poke a few sweets or treats into balloons then blow them up and tying the knot. Let all the balloons free into the room, and have your children run around trying to burst them. Some kids will probably enjoy jumping on the balloons, where as others will sit on them. Either way is fine, but if there’s going to be lots of jumping it’s a good idea for everyone to remove their shoes first.

If it's really hot and you are outside you can try puttingsome water in some of the baloons as booby traps!

If you have smaller children present at the party, make sure the popped balloons are picked up quickly as the rubber pieces are a choking hazard for young children.

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