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Games for 5 years Mad hair!

This is a bit of a mad idea but the kids seem to love it.

You will need: lots of triangular crisps, non toxic shaving foam / can try to use some brands of squirty cream - but they don't always last (if anyone has tried one tht works very well we would love to hear about it!). swimming goggles, a swimming hat and an old adult shirt.


What can we possibly be about to suggest you do with these items!!


Well, the birthday girl or boy puts on the old adult shirt to protect his/her clothing, followed by the swimming hat (a shower cap would do), and the goggles.

You then squirt the shaving foam / squirty cream all over their head and everyone else takes it in turn to throw the triangular crisps at the childs head and tries to get them to stick in it to look like mad hair!! there are points and prizes for when it works.


This usually deteriorates into a suirty cream fight / crisp fight / generally an excuse to make loads of mees, but as long as it is outside, hopefully on a warm summers day there is absolutely no harm in it!

Please do send us you photos / put them on our pinterest site!!

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