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Games for 5 years Gardening for 5 years

This is a great idea for any time of year and the beauty of it is every child will have something to take home with them.

Get a selection of small plants depending on the time of year; pansies are good as are any pretty small plant that you can get cheaply at a garden center.

You will also need to buy some soil, sand, and flower pots.

Ask each child to bring a trowel / fork for the planting.

Have lots of little containers and a bucket of water.

Then when everyone is ready, get him or her to pick a plant, then a flowerpot.

(In order to reduce the arguments get everyone the same flowerpot! You could get a bigger one for the birthday boy / girl.

Put some sand in the bottom of the flower pot, then soil, and then make a hole for the flower and plant the flower. They finish off by watering the flower and they can take it home with them.


A good idea to make the game last even longer is to first have an Arty Party station where they have to paint their flowerpot!

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