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Games for 5 years Chinese Whispers for 5 Years

This is another good game for calming things down after a few boisterous ones.

Everyone sits in a circle - the grown ups can play as well. Then whoever is the birthday boy / girl whispers a sentance into the ear of the person sitting next to them. That person has only one chance to liten. If they don't hear it then ithat is too bad!

They have to whisper whatever they think they eard into the ear of the persin sitting next to them and so on and so on right around the circle.

The last person has to then say what they thought they heard and compare it to what the birthday boy / girl said!

It is usually the case that it will be miles different and cause lots of giggles! 

Examples of sentences: (if you have used any sentances / phrases that work particularly well then please send them in).

The pink elephant was trying to fly

The green giraffe escaped from the zoo

Spot the dog ran away after stealing a big bone

Charlie the teddy ebar ate all the chocolates

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