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We need 6 more likes and shares on Facebook for the free giveaway!!

We need 6 more likes & shares on Facebook for the free giveaway!!

Guest Blog article by Stephen Leslie - the head of Dramacube

Hear about a fantastic chance to further child's development through using their imagination... dramacube.

Half Term!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic start to the half term holidays. Lets hope the weather holds out - it is perfect weather for scavenger hunts in the park or garden, running around outside. Do wrap up warm and get active.

We will be posting lots more games this week with an outdoor theme to encourage everyone to get lots of fresh air.

I have stumbled upon 2 great websites which…

Facebook giveaway and yet more exciting plans

Shanta Everington has very kindly donated 2 books to the give-away! We also unveil exciting new plans for the entertaining babies website.

How to help prepare your child for school

Plans for the next weeks: add games to the site that help prepare children for their first days at school & which are FUN!!!

Give Away

Hello Everyone, first I want to say a huge thank you for all the wonderful comments you have been sending in. It is really encouraging to get positive feedback and there have been some excellent suggestions for the site which I look forward to implementing.

To celebrate such great feedback I am going to do a giveaway once we have 300 facebook likes! So please join us on twitter, like us…

Snow Time!

I hope everyone is enjoying the cold weather – we will be adding lots of games to play in the snow over the next week! Please all wrap up warm and get active outside! Snowmen, snow angels, snow sculptures of any kind are great fun to make. Races in the snow are hilarious fun – especially the three legged ones!!

Of course snowball fights are a must – make more of them by building walls like…

Happy January

Hello! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year! We have many exciting plans for our website for the next 12 months. We will have more information about child development and how fun games can help this. We will continue building our stock of treasure hunt clues and start putting a section together for calming ideas when babysitting.

Please could people email us to let us know…

The Best Birthday cakes EVER!!! bespoke cup cakes for any occasion by Betty-Lou's Bakery

I want to take the opportunity to say how absolutely wonderful Betty Lou's cupcakes are! They are quite simply the most stunning cakes that I have ever tasted! The range of designs are exquisite with a wide range of mouth watering flavours! Any food intollerences catered for, please check out her facebook page: Betty-Lou's Bakery. 

Playing with Babies by Shanta Everington

We are delighted to welcome Shanta Everington, a talented author as our first guest blog.

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