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Guest Blog article by Stephen Leslie - the head of Dramacube

I am delighted to welcome Stephen Leslie to our blog. He has spent over 15 years working with children and learning how their development can be stimulated through drama. He has set up dramacube - a fantastic program to help children realise their potential and to have fun exploring the wonderful world of their imagination.

Please check out their website here: dramacube.

The importance of drama in child development 

Stephen Leslie, Head of Dramacube talks about the importance of drama in child development.

Have you ever wondered what happened to the imagination you once enjoyed as a child? 

If you were anything like me you would have spent your childhood battling with alien creatures, crawling through crocodile infested swamps or scoring the winning goal for England at Wembley.  And this all happened in our modest three bedroom house in Teddington.  As a child I had no creative constraints and that gave me the freedom to explore any universe I so wished. 

Children are blessed with unlimited imaginations which enable them to create fantastical worlds and become new characters. It is through this very natural process of play that they learn to communicate and interact with others.  This creative ability for make-believe means that the transition into drama happens without any hesitation.  A little stimulation in the form of a story or song can ignite their imagination and inspire their individual capacity to create new scenes and interesting characters. 

At Dramacube we place a strong emphasis on the children having a great experience through drama, music and movement but fun is just the starting point. Drama offers so many benefits but perhaps, most importantly, it gives children confidence and an opportunity to communicate and relate to other children in a safe space beyond the school gates.

With a new found level of self esteem and confidence, a child can really start to excel, with noticeable improvements in concentration, energy and focus. Learning a song will be enjoyable but will also help to expand vocabulary, whilst a simple dance routine will help to energise a child and improve their fitness and coordination.  Research suggests that children whose imaginations are stimulated through drama, music and movement, become more able in reading, writing and even Maths. Yes, Maths!!!

So, to sum up, the impact of drama on a child’s development is both profound and simple; it can be about nurturing life skills or just about having huge amounts of fun. Millennium’s child will not reminisce about the days they spent alone at a computer, they will remember the friends they made, the people who inspired them, the moments that changed them forever, but above all else, the times that they had fun. Let’s give them lots to remember!

Comments (1)

  1. Jo McKenna:
    Feb 25, 2013 at 09:27 PM

    Thank you Steve - a great insight into a fantastic project!

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