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How to help prepare your child for school

Hello All, I hope you have had a good start to the week.

Not long has passed since the deadline for registering for schools so I thought we should post some activities over the next week or two for ideas to help children make that big step.

It feels as if one moment your child is a baby looking to you to provide everything he / she needs, then the next minute they are off to school – a place they have to go, every weekday. He/she will suddenly have to compete with their peers for the teachers attention, for the attention of others in the playground, and for the first time you do not have a say over what influences your baby.


No matter how you decide to bring up your children, a happy confident child is surely one of every parent’s aims. We feel that the more you can prepare your child for the eventual separation that school entails the easier the transition will be.

Of course – here at entertaining babies we believe that this should be done through play and fun!

We will be posting a serious of ideas for fun and exciting games that have the added benefit of preparing your child for crowds and building their confidence. As always we would love to hear any feedback and ideas that you have had to help ease this time for your child.

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