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Welcome to entertaining babies!

I hope this website provides you with lots of fun ideas for keeping your little ones entertained! The inspiration behind it came from trying to keep my twin boys happy.

Whilst my friends were going to baby swimming classes and such like which required a ratio of one adult to one child, I went on the Internet to find ideas for simple games to play at home with household objects (my inspiration after countless sleep deprived nights was at a low ebb…).


The majority of websites available were all for computer games – I believe that for young children we should be trying to develop their skills and get them active.


So the idea for entertaining babies was born.

The site will be continually added to, and I would be very grateful for any suggestions of games, and any ideas on how we can improve the site. 

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  1. Helen:
    Jan 04, 2013 at 04:14 PM

    Hi Jo, firstly I have enjoyed browsing here today. The website is beautifully presented, congratulations. I think it's really wonderful that you have found a way for mum's to connect and share their experiences and knowledge this way. I wish you every success with your important and positive message. Thanks so much for sharing!

    I am a mum of 2 who runs a small online boutique business from home. I am constantly looking for ways of getting my own children actively involved in games and play other than TV.

    I'd love to hear from parents out there that may have been specifically looking for a game or activity that they know of or have heard of but haven't found.

    I sell a more traditional range of toys the (non computerised type) including puzzles which are a great educational game for children, craft sets that sort of thing.

    I'd like to share my site if I may? Its here: I hope parents can find something here if not please email me with suggestions and I will try to find for you. Thanks so much for sharing!

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