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Games for 6mths - 1yr Nappy Nightmares

Once your baby gets more mobile changing nappies can be a whole new experience - certainly with one of my twin boys he is off! It is just about all I can do to stop him kicking the poo all over the place and I find that I have to do half the bottom wiping and cream application chasing after him as he crawls away to find the next thing to do.

There are a few things that I have found which help:

As you pull his trousers off / undo the bottom half of his clothing keep eye contact and make funny noises - blowing rasberies is a favourite at the moment!

Get a toy or two for him / her to hold and play with while you change the nappy. Both my boys really like the feel of the wet wipes packet and enjoy shaking it, the tub of cream is another favourite which is useful as they are always on hand.

Another thing that sometimes helps is changing the place you normally change their nappies - we go around the different rooms in the house, in the summer you could try the garden!

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