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Games for 6mths - 1yr Magic Tubes

This is a great game for using the inside tube of a kitchen roll - you could also use the inside of a toilet roll but the longer the tube the more fun!

First let your baby play with the tube - it is another new shape and texture so he/she will enjoy just playing with it.

When they have done that show your little one how they can use the tube to hit things along the floor - they will enjoy this and it will help them with their hand eye coordination and their understanding of cause and effect.


Now for the grand finale.....

Get some smaller toys that will fit through the tube - little balls are great or small blocks and show your baby that whilst holding the tube at an angle with one end on the floor that if you put something in the top it will roll out the bottom!

This will keep them amused for ages and it is great as they are still too young to manage the shape sorters but will like something a bit more challanging to play with.

If you don't have toys that will fit through the hole then cut the tube in half lengthways so it has an open top and your little one can watch objects - especially balls slide all the way down.


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