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Games for 6mths - 1yr Crawling Sausage

This can be a fun toy to make when your baby is interested in crawling – the age this happens can vary a lot!
You will need:
2 large (1L) clear plastic bottles (like the ones they sell fizzy drinks in), a toy ideally with bells on or which rattles when moved.
Some strong duct tape / masking tape.
Soak the bottles in warm water to remove the labels / peel the labels off.
Cut the top off the drinking bottles about a quarter of the way down, wash them out thoroughly otherwise what ever you put inside will get sticky.
Put the toy inside one, then push the bottom of the two bottles end to end so one fits just inside the other. You may need to make a vertical cut in one of the bottles with scissors, about an inch long. Secure the bottles with the tape.

Now your baby can roll this along the floor as he / she starts to crawl.

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