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Games for 6mths - 1yr Buried in the sand

Babies love the feel of different textures – if you can get a sand pit for them to play with they love it. If you live in a small flat you can still make a small one. Get a draw (you may be able to pick one up in a bric-a-brac shop. Line it with some heavy-duty tarpaulin and fill it with sand. You need the good quality white sand not builders sand which stains everything.
Your baby will love watching it slip through his/her fingers. You can hide toys in it as your baby gets older – they will love trying to find them.

If you have used a draw in your own furniture you can just slide it back with the tarpaulin and sand in it when your baby has finished playing with it. You can also use a lined cardboard box or even a shoe box if space is in short supply.

If you have cats you need to ensure that you cover it when it is not in use otherwise you may find that the cats prefer it to their litter tray!

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