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Games for 6 - 10yrs Word of the day for older children!

This is a great idea if you have a family notice board in the kitchen, or magnetic letters on the fridge, even a toy blackboardfor your kids to play with.

Each day - or just at weekends (if the weekdays are a logistical nightmare with different timed school runs requiring a military style operation to enforce).

Put / write a new word on the board / fridge and let your children know what it means. Then in the morning you use it a couple of times, then in the afternoon see if they can use it in a sentance - if they haven't managed help them think up silly sentences containing the word whilst playing in the bath.

For older children you could see if they can remember how to spell it at bath times - remember don't criticize if they don't quite get it correct but have prizes / lots of encouragement for when they do.

The most important thing about learning is that it remailns FUN!! all the time!!

Then you will have children who want to learn.

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