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The aim of this game is not to be the person who finishes spelling a word.

Players take it in turns, one person starts, picks a letter and says it out aloud. The next player picks a second letter to spell a word, and so on..

Eg player 1 says “H” (thinking house)

Player 2 says “A” (thinking hat)

Player 3 says “M” (thinking hamster)

Player 1 says”M” (thinking hammer)


This goes on until one person cannot think of a letter.

If the player who cannot think of another letter then passes, if there is a word spelled out in entirety, the player who said the last letter loses.

If the player who cannot think of a letter passes but the player before him had a longer word in mind, he has to say so and the player who passes loses:


So in the above example, if hammer was spelt out, and the player who said “R” had in mind “hammers” .

If the following player passed because he did not want to say the s as it would be the final letter, the player who said the R can challenge the pass and say that he had the word ”hammers” in mind so the player who passed would lose.


This sounds complicated in explaining it – once you play it the kids catch on ery easily.

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