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Games for 6 - 10yrs Snow - Fun

Make an archery target - on one side of a cardboard box draw some large concentric circles and paint them different colours.

Then put the box on a wall outside and use it for target practise for snowball fights - it is a good idea to then have a team family snowball fight! you are NEVER too grown up fo that!


Crazy golf can be played in the snow!! Make a course, you can compact the snow down for the fairway and have areas of "rough" either side.

For the hole you can sink a paper cup into the snow so when the ball rolls over it the ball falls in!


You can play Pétanque with snowballs!

This is essentially a French version of boules. Make a jack ball (small snowball) and place it on the ground. Then draw circles of increasing size around it so the little ball is in the middle - the circles don't have to be exact!

Each person then makes 5 or so snowballs of a larger size, stand a few feet back and take it in turns to throw the larger sonwballs - whoever gets closest to the small jack snowball is the winner!



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