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Games for 6 - 10yrs Snow fun - Bagging!

This is a great game that can use up tons of your childrens' energy - all you need is some snow and a black plastic bag - the ones that you use for bins are ideal.


First you have to prepare the course - depending on the age of your child and he extent to which they are an adrenaline junkie will depend how much preperation work is involved.

The preperation work is fun!

The aim is to create an area on a slope where you can pack the snow down so you have a gradient, it is really important to search and probe the area thoroughly to ensure that there are no stones or hard lumps. To be sure get a bucket and spade and collect more snow to pack down on top. 

At the bottom of the slope make sure that the snow is not too compact and again that there are no rocks or stones.

Your child goes to the top of the prepared slope, takes a bit of a run up and launches him / herself onto the slope whilst holding the bin bag so he / she is lying face down on the bin bag and using it as a sledge.

This is safer than using a normal sledge as there is no distance to fall.

If your child gets scared / is going to fast he/she can just roll off the plastic bag and all the speed they have gathered will dissipate.

If you live in the country or near a park with a hill such as Hampstead Heath / Primrose Hill you will have a natural slope which will make it all the more fun!



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