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Games for 6 - 10yrs Secret Codes

From about 7 yrs. kids want even more independence and can become quite secretive – the monosyllabic answers maybe about to start…

Accept it!

Kids will love secret codes – with a bit of imagination there are no end of ones you can come up with:

Writing in lemon juice, when it dries the paper looks blank, then if you heat it with a hair dryer the words become visible.

Substituting letters – write the alphabet a-z on one line, then underneath write it backwards so that a corresponds with Z etc.

Morse code – they can signal with a torch for hours of fun.

By folding a piece of paper you can write so half the letter is on one piece and the rest on another.

Write the alphabet, then pick the first letter of your child’s name and start under A with their initial then continue the alphabet – use letter substitution for the code.

Get them to make up a letter such that the first letter of each line spells out a code word / their secret password.

Semaphore: Google it for the details!

Wax – for secret messages: rub a candle over a piece of paper, lay the paper wax side down on to another sheet of paper (wax sandwich!) then use the wooden end of a match stick to write firmly on the paper, the wax imprint of the letters will be transferred to the plain paper. To read it simply sprinkle some coloured powder e.g. coffee grounds over the paper, they will stick to the wax and reveal the words.

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