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Games for 6 - 10yrs Indoor crazy golf

Whilst we at entertaining babies are up for lots of outdoor games to get kids running around sometimes it really is just too cold / wet.

If you don't have a puttter (a type of golf club) you can pick up a plastic set of childrens golf clubs really cheaply from pound stores / car boot sales / or even buy one new if you are wanting to raise the next Tiger Woods!

Then, in your living room you can put a cup or glass on its side, on the floor (so that a ball could be knocked into the glass).

A little way away (a few feet if your child is older / particularly sporty) put a ping-pong ball or indoor golf ball (the plastic ones with holes in) on the floor.

The aim of the game is to knock the ball into the glass / cup.

Once this has been mastered you can practice from further away or get your child to build obsticles - you can make a ramp from cardboard and toilet roll, or put soft toys on the floor to knock the ball around, or use the inside of a kitchen roll or toilet roll to create a tunnel to knock the ball through on its way to the glass.

If you have come up with an amazing crazy indoor golf course please do send us a picture to inspire others!

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