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Games for 6 - 10yrs Easter Egg Treasure Hunt for Home

The Easter Egg Hunt:


The Easter holidays are stretching out before you, the prospect of hyperactive children over the bank holiday weekend having gorged themselves on chocolate… what about a free Easter egg hunt to break up the day, keep your children entertained and hopefully have them running around either inside or out burning off loads of energy so be bedtime they pass out with happy exhaustion for a good 12 hours sleep!!

Well – we can deliver the Easter egg hunt…. Fingers crossed for the rest.


This will take a small amount of preparation time, if you have some pens and paper at home then hopefully only 20 minutes or so that you could probably do once the children are in bed / before they get up if you are an early riser.


There are a list of clues below, each one will need to be written out onto a piece of paper – if you are a crafty type of person you could roll the paper up into a scroll and secure it with some ribbon for that special touch.


You will need to adapt this based on the age of your child / children. For little ones – 3-4years they may need a picture clue – in which case you will have to draw the answer to the clue – this may take a little more time but it is really worth it.


If your children are older – 7-10 years old then the clues will be too easy – have a look at the clues under their age section on our website and pop some harder clues in. They are very difficult clues so you will need to help them decipher them / or just use the age old warmer…colder….. to help find the location of the next clue.


The hunt starts with a letter addressed to your children – again depending how much time you have you could write it out, pop it in an envelope, and put it on the kitchen table or dress it up like a ransom note and cut out the letters from newspaper and magazines for the authentic touch.


Address the envelope to your children; describe where their bedrooms are (eg the bedroom at the top of the stairs on the left / the bedroom with the picture of bugs bunny on the wall – they will love that!).


The note says:


I have kidnapped all the Easter eggs!!!

Follow the clues to get them back!!



Teddy (or put the name of your child’s / children’s favourite teddy, make sure you take teddy to hide with the eggs at the end of the hunt).



Next I am going to give you a list of the clues. For each clue you could draw the hiding place as a picture clue for younger children / you could take a photo of the hiding place with your phone and print it out if you have access to that technology (we don’t, so we settle for the old pen & paper).




Clue 1:


I’m made in China but I’m not Chinese

I start with a “T“ and I end with a “T”

I can’t hold a “C” but I can hold “T”


(Answer: Teapot – put the next clue in the teapot – you could use a pot where you keep tea bags or if you don’t use a tea pot but your child has a dolls tea party set then set it up in a corner of a room and put the next clue in the dolls teapot. You can draw a picture clue of a teapot.)



Clue 2:


Alice through the looking Glass would be able to read this clue:

(You then need to write “You will find me behind the television” in mirror writing)


(Answer - Leave the next clue poking out from behind a television.

For a picture clue just draw the television – you could put it in a room with sofas if you are particularly good at drawing.)



Clue 3:


Jack be nimble

Jack be quick

Jack jumped over the……


(Answer: Hide the next clue under a candlestick on a kitchen / dining room table – you will have to set them up. For a picture clue you will need to draw the table with a candlestick on it)



Clue 4:


Hey diddle diddle,

What a good riddle

The dish ran away with me

Can you find me…..


(Put the next clue in the draw with the spoons – You could draw a picture of a knife, fork and spoon with a big arrow pointing at the spoon for a picture clue)



Clue 5:


I am made of rubber but you won’t find me in your pencil case

I have no body but two soles

You need me when you wrap up warm

I go out with you but always come back – and I love to splash in puddles!!


(Answer: Wellies – put the clue in one of your child’s wellington boots

For a picture clue just draw a pair of wellington boots)



Clue 6:


When you look at me I am always looking back at you…

Alice went through me….

What am I…


(A looking glass / a mirror – hide the next clue behind a mirror.

Depending on which mirror you choose, draw a mirror and a few things around it to help with the picture clue)



Clue 7:


I sit at the table but go nowhere

I have four legs but walk nowhere


What am I….


(Answer A Chair – hide the next clue under one of the chairs at your kitchen table. For the picture clue if you have young children just draw a picture of a table and chair and put the next clue taped underneath the seat of the chair – that way it can’t be seen when they are looking for the clue under the candlestick!.)



Clue 8:


I’m a “room” with no windows and no doors but you can eat me…


(Answer: a mushroom! Again this makes a lovely picture clue to draw – just hide the next clue wherever you keep the mushrooms.  )



Clue 9:


I am full of holes and hold some water

I keep you clean when covered in soap



(Answer: A sponge – hide the next clue in the bath under a sponge.

For the picture clue draw a picture of the bath with a sponge in it)


Clue 10:


I am Paddington Bears’ favourite sandwich

But usually you have me on toast in the morning…


(Answer: Marmalade - if you don’t have marmalade or read Paddington Bear you can do a similar clue with honey, using Winnie the Pooh / use a picture clue of bees around a hive and a jar.)



Clue 11:


Hickory Dickory Dock

The mouse ran up me…


(Answer: hide the next clue under / behind a big clock.

This makes a great picture clue as you can easily draw a picture of a clock and again a few other objects to help your child guess which clock in which room.)



Clue 12:


I have a bark but I am not a dog,

I branch out but I don’t go anywhere

Once a year a leave but I don’t go anywhere….


(Answer: a tree – hide the next clue behind a tree in your garden. For a picture clue just draw a big tree. If you have a tree in a pot inside then that would work just as well.)



Behind the tree you can put your child’s favourite teddy and all the Easter eggs!!


Do have fun and please let us know how you got on.

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