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Games for 3 - 6mths Tummy Time 3-6 months

This is increasingly important to do from birth now that guidelines recommend that we put babies to sleep on their backs.
It is important for them to help develop their back and neck muscles and to help reduce the occurrence of flat head.
Try to gently roll your baby onto his / her tummy on a play mat or on a towel on the floor. Some babies absolutely love it and will quickly start lifting up their head. Some are not interested at all and may even cry.
If your baby is unhappy, gently roll him/her onto their back and still give them a big smile and lots of praise. Keep practicing it a couple of times a day, or more if your baby loves it.

Once your child gets a bit older and is able to hold his / her head up you can help encourage tummy time.

A good way to do this is to use a rubber ring - the type that young children use when swimming. Cover it with a towel, put your childs favourite toy in the middle, then lay your child on the floor so that his / her legs are on the floor and the rubber ring sits under their chest.

They will be able to use their arms to play with the toy as they get older, if they are not quite strong enough to do that put a child safe mirror propped up in the middle of the rubber ring so that they can see themselves.

Babies love looking at other babies and themselves in the mirror - they will be to young at this stage to realise that it is themselves but they will enjoy smiling at their reflection all the same.

Do keep watch on your baby while you are doing this - despite the toys some babies will only tolerat a few seconds of tummy time - others a few minutes. When they get upset (or well before) give them a cuddle and move them to a position that they like.


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