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Games for 3 - 6mths Tickling Fun

Hearing your baby giggle for the first time is absolutely magical!
Babies love tickling – soon you will be getting big belly laughs! With children part of the fun is the anticipation, make sure that there is a big build up.

For example you can start with a nursery rhyme:
This little piggy went to market – wiggle the big toe
This little piggy stayed at home – wiggle the 2nd toe
This little piggy had roast beef – wiggle the 3rd toe
This little piggy had none – wiggle the 4th toe
And…this little piggy went weee weee weee all the way home – wiggle the little toe then tickle up your babies legs and their tummy.

You can make up rhymes with their teddies – teddy bear goes ….take a deep breath in ….tickley under there! And tickle under their arms or tummy.

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