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Games for 3 - 6mths Peek-a-boo

Babies absolutely love this – it depends very much on the individual baby from what age they start to like it.
Try it a couple of times – if your baby doesn’t respond then leave it for a few days before trying again.
To start with sit your baby in his/her bouncy chair. Sit so that your face is about 2-3 feet (60cm – 90cm) from his her face. Then cover your face with your hands for a couple of seconds. Bring your hands down saying “peek-a-boo!” and giving your baby a massive smile.
Once they get used to that you can sit a little further back and hold up a muslin square to hide behind. Bring your face out from different sides of it.
Saying “Peek-a-boo!”.
You can then hide behind a chair or sofa so that your baby can’t see you at all. Then surprise them with a “peek-a-boo!”

This helps develop the concept of object permanence - the fact that objects exist even when babies can’t see them.

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