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Games for 3 - 6mths Mood Bottles

Mood bottles are really easy to make and are a great game for babies. They love the colour and feel of these bottles.

What you will need:mood bottles

  • Empty drinks bottle - ideally a small one made of clear plastic (not glass)
  • a few drops of food colouring
  • some glitter
  • masking tape
  • if you want to be really adventuorous try to get hold of some glcerine from a chemist.

The easiest way to make a mood bottle is to wash out the drinks bottle, fill it with water and put some food colouring in. I use one and a half capfully per 500 ml bottle.

Then put in some glitter and give it a shake. You can also try noisy bottles by putting some beads in them.

Put the top of the bottle on really tightly and tape it with masking tape so it can't be taken off.


mood bottles


If you want to be adventurous then try filling the bottle with liquid glycerine (chemists sell it, it is used as a moisturiser for very dry skin). It is clear and really gloopy, the glitter stays in the glycerine much longer and it will support small beads or shiny stones for a more interesting bottle.

Our favourite was the glycerine with a small amount of blue food colouring with silver glitter and some sparkly stones!

Babies love looking at them - just shake it up for them and watch the amazement on their faces.

As your baby gets a little older they will enjoy pushing it accross the floor whilst spending time on their tummy.

As they start to learn how to crawl they will love crawling after their bottle.

For older children these bottles make for a great game of indoor skittles!

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