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Not every baby will be rolling from their back onto their front by 5 months despite what other sources say. (I know this from experience with one of my children – no, nothing was wrong with him, he did other things; he just had no desire to roll onto his tummy!).
It is worthwhile gently encouraging them to. On a play mat or a bit of carpeted floor put a toy or teddy about 1 foot / 30cm to one side of them.
Then do a count up to 3 and on 3 roll them gently that side so they can see their toy. You will be able to tell if they are enjoying it by the smiles.

You can also put them on their tummy on an exercise ball and supporting their upper body, roll them gently. This can also be done on a pillow / pregnancy pillow – pop them on their tummy, holding their chest with your hands in their arm pits. Gently roll them forwards – do not let them fall off, they just get used to the sensation.

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