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As babies get a little older they get very excited when they see familiar people or toys. You can use this to your advantage by making your child a homemade album for them.

Take photographs and get them printed of all the familiar things in your child’s life:
Photos of him/her, face shots of family members, pictures of you playing with your baby and him/her giggling (e.g. A photo of you blowing a raspberry on his/her tummy)
Consider photos of his/her favourite toys, teddies, baby sitters, nannies, photographs of his/her cot, then one of your baby asleep in the cot. You can put the camera into the cot and take a picture of you leaning over – in order to replicate the view your child would have, you can also do this on their play mat if they have one.

If you put all the pictures in the album, it makes a fantastic picture book for bed times and for car / plane / train journeys when they are a little older.

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