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This is an easy, fun game to help your childs language skills and provide tactile stimulation. 


This works really well with a bowl of rice or coloured rice which you see how to make here.

Alternatively you can use paper from a shredder, scrunched up newspaper or just a shoebox covered with a towel.

You will need: 

  • a shoebox or bowl filled with rice
  • objects to hide in the shoebox or rice - see list below
  • a towel to cover the shoe box if not using the rice

Ideas for objects to hide:                   indoor messy play

  • a toy car
  • a comb
  • a hair brush
  • an orange
  • a banana
  • a wooden spoon
  • a toy cup
  • a yoghurt pot
  • a pine cone
  • a shell
  • a tea spoon

 Put about 3 objects in the box and cover them with a towel or bury them in the rice.

Then get your little one to see if they can put their hand inside the box, under the towel or in the rice and to describe what they can feel, have a giggle with them over it - once they have described the objects see if they can work outwhat they are.

You can make things a little more gruesome by putting the objects in a bowl of jelly or on a paper plate covered with squirty cream. (An idea for the summer when you can do it outside!)

Skills: language,tactile stimulation

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