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Games for 3 - 5yrs Water Bombs

When the weather is hot have a look at these great games to play outside with water bombs. You can keep your kids happy for hours!

Water Bombs


Water bombs are not expensive - you can use any balloons or buy them from Amazon here - just scroll down until you see the picture of water balloons, click on the picture and it will take you through to the amazon website where you can buy them or try your local pound / dollar shop.





1) Step & Catch - Fill up some water bombs / balloons with water and start standing really close to your child so you can simply pass the balloon to him/ her. Once they have got hold of it, they take a step back and pass it back to you. Each time anyone catches the balloon / water bomb they have to take a step back. (I would reccommend a small step) as the distance gets bigger and bigger someone will drop the water bomb and it explodes!! You can play this with as many children as you like!

2) "It" - Whoever is "it" has to run after the other kids and get them with a water bomb instead of touching them! The person who got wet then is "it", they tke over the water bomb supply and chase after the others trying to soak them.

3) How Wet Can We Get Mummy & Daddy? - Always the favourite in our house! We pretend to chase after our little boys making "angry bear roars", they squeal, run away and pelt us with water bombs. They LOVE it !! 

4) Battle Water Bombs - You need two or more kids for this; they each have a supply of their own water bombs and have to soak each other - they can have their own "base", which can be just a circle drawn out on the floor of a patio with chalk, and they have to throw the water bombs at each other keeping one body part (usually a toe) in the circle at all times.

5) Aiming Challenge - Draw a target onto the floor outside with some chalk. then give your little ones a stash of balloons and challenge them to hit the target. If it is getting too easy then they can take some steps away from the target to make it a little harder.

6) Chicken! - Someone has a water bomb and throws it high into the air, then shouts the name of another child who has to rush in and catch it. You can do this with one child, just take it in turns to do the throwing - if they are closer to 3 years then there will be lots of soaking wet adults and kids!


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