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Games for 3 - 5yrs Treasure Hunt

This is a prelude to a scavenger hunt – something that can turn a walk around the park into an adventure!

Provide your toddler with a bag – you can make a special one with his name on it – converting an old pillowcase, into a “shoe bag” and sew some shiny things on and felt letters to spell his/her name. You can fold over the opening of the pillowcase around some curtain cord, and make a handle so he / she can put it over their shoulder.

Get Your child to take this bag along with you to the park, and point out all orts of exciting things: conkers, acorns, flowers, feathers, pretty stones, etc…

He/she can put them in the bag and take them home to show friends, family members, Mr. Sock (see other game).

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