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Games for 3 - 5yrs Trails in the snow

When the snow falls it looks absolutely magical outside - remember to wrap up wwarm and head out for some winter fun!

The aim of this game is to see what trails your toddler/ pre-schooler can find in the snow.


Let him/her see how big the feet are that made them - she/he can try to walk in the foot prints, or make a foot print of their own next to it to compare sizes.

You can walk ahead and do big footsteps, then little ones and get your child/children to follow in your footsteps, then try the same but walking backwards - this always ends in giggles and tumbles.

Even around city areas you may find fox prints, others that are similar are dog prints, cat prints: have fun and use your childs imagination: what do you think made these tracks? a big dog? a tiny cat?....Bird footsteps...

When you see bicycle tracks ask your chils what he/she thinks made those? same for car tyre tracks

In the country you have lots more exciting footprints to find - rabbit prints are very distinctive, as are pheasant prints with the line between the foot prints caused by their tail - ask your child about them - you may even be able to watch them being made.

Children love variety and using their imagination - so a walk in the snow provides ample oppertunity for fun!

Remember all tracks in the snow games should contain a search for Yeti footprints - you never know where he maybe found!!

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