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Games for 3 - 5yrs Torch Light Fun

Torches are great fun for kids to play with. This game needs next to no preparation and will keep your little ones out of trouble when it is too dark to get outside in the afternoons.


What you will need:torch

  • some objects to hide
  • one torch per child

Show your little ones some everyday objects, for example a hairbrush or a favourite teddy.

In one of the rooms in the house ensure that there are no breakables - a kids bedroom is usually a good idea or a playroom.

Make sure that it is safe, then hide the onject in quite an easy place.

Draw the curtains and turnoff the lights (it's usually quite dark but not pitch black - if it is very dark put a night light on or open the curtains.

Then get your little one to hold the torch, go into the room and use the torch to find the objects.

You can either make a list of objects to find like a scavanger hunt or just hide one object for them to find like hunt the thimble.

Skills: Motor Coordination,Object Recognition,Memory

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