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Games for 3 - 5yrs Sponge - Jenga

This is a fantastic idea - especially if you want the noise levels to be kept down!

build a tower

You need to buy some cheap cleaning sponges in different colours. These are an example - they are very cheap! You can usually find a great selection in a £1 / $1 shop or in the supermarket.

packet of sponges









peel off scourers

  Once you have opened them you can choose whether you want to peel the scourers off or not - I usually leave them on!






sponge shapesThen cut them up into different shapes - or just rectangles and your little ones will have hours of fun building away. The fantastic thing about these is they don't make much noise when bashed together and they cannot take chunks out of the wall or other babies heads when hurled accross the room!



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