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Games for 3 - 5yrs Sponge Bombs

Sponge bombs are fantastic fun! They are our favourite water game for kids we have found! They are so simple to make and can be played at home in the garden od easily taken to the park or even on holiday.

sponge bombs

All you need are energetic children, a packet of cheap kitchen sponges - the ones without scourers are best, scissors and some string.

...Then just add water...

First an adult needs to cut the sponges into strips lengthways about 2 cm wide.

Lay 4/5 strips of sponges next to each other, then lay another 4/5 strips of sponge on top - see diagram.

Get some string and tie it around the middie so you have a bundle tied very tightly and cut the string short.

making sponge bombs

Fluff up the sponge "arms" so they lie in different directions to make a "ball" 

Soak in water and find a little rascal to play catch with....






Despite the name this doesn't have to be an aggressive game - you can use the sponge bombs to play catch: start really close to each other then each one of you takes a step away when you manage to catch the ball.the sponge bomb

Try to aim at a point on a patio or fence then throw the ball - you will see a large wet splodge so you can see how close you are getting.

Of course there will always be those families with boys like mine who are into total destruction and will want to hurl these sponge bombs at each other - let them! They don't hurt, to make it less likely to end in tears let each child have a "base" (cardboard box with a bucket of water beside it) that is just far enough apart so that they don't manage to hit each other every time - it will improve their coordination and aim and keep them interested in playing for a bit longer.

BEWARE - preschoolers are capeable of ganging up on parents!




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