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Games for 3 - 5yrs Simon Says

This is one of the old favourites! it will never get boring for this age group!

One person - ideally the adult to start with stands or sits in the room with the child / children facing them. The adult says "Simon Says put your hands on your shoulders". The children have to then follow the command.

This continues until the adult or whoever is at the front just does an action without saying "Simon says..."

whoever does the action when there was no Simon says loses a point / is out / has a go at being at the front.

There are many actions you can try - the funniest ones with sound effects can have your children in fits of giggles!

Other suggestions for actions can include:

Close your eyes, put a finger on your nose, pat your head and rub your tummy, hop up and down on the spot, hop up and down and go round in a circle, turn around on the spot then do a star jump.


The more active you make it the more active your children / child will be (and the more excess energy they will burn off).

On a summers day this can be a fun game to play in a park under a tree.

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